Crochet Sad Cat Hat 1

Crochet Sad Cat Hat by Crochetions

Crochet Sad Cat Hat

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This handmade crochet Sad Cat hat is made with 100% acrylic yarn.

**This hat can be made in these sizes:

Size / Head Circumference / Length
Baby / 17in. / 6.5in.
Child (1-3 years) / 19in. / 7in.
Child (3-10 years) / 21in. / 8in.
Adult (Small) / 22in. / 8.25in.
Adult (Medium) / 23in. / 8.75in.
Adult (Large) / 24in. / 9in.


Every item from Crochetions is handmade and made to order unless otherwise stated in the title of the item as ” ready to ship”. Production time may vary depending on how many orders have been made prior to yours, please expect between 2-3 weeks for this particular item to be made and prepared for shipment. If you need an item promptly please contact me so that we can make arrangements. Items may vary slightly from picture as each one is made by hand.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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One thought on “Crochet Sad Cat Hat

  • Linda K

    Hi! Your designs are absolutely adorable – especially as gifts. Do you think you’ll be bringing over to Ravelry the rest of your designs, like the Crochet Sad Cat Hat that you’re wearing in as your Ravatar, and the ones shown on your site? I don’t go over to Etsy much. It seems I’ve seen that you can sell the same thing in both sites but I haven’t really checked. You could maybe show them all with a link to take people to Etsy to make it easy? I’m being lazy and am not a businesswoman so that’s where this is coming from. Ravelry has such huge exposure I’m thinking it might up your sales to at least show them all there. By now you’ve put your head down in your arms and are snoring. Sorry – I do go on.

    Linda “K” – Dims on Ravelry.